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G100-FN-4 1/8" NOZZLE
Product Number: 675FN4
FN1 1/32"" (0.8mm) Use for Parting Films FN2 1/16"" (1.6mm) Use for Parting Films FN3 3/32"" (2.4mm) Use for Paints FN4 1/8"" (3.1mm) Use for Resins FN5 5/32"" (3.9mm) Use for Gelcoats FN6 3/16"" (4.7mm) Use for Gelcoats FN7 7/32"" (5.5mm) Use for Gelcoats with Flakes FN8 1/4"" (6.2mm) Use for Gelcoats with Flakes FN9 9/32"" (7.1mm) Use for Sandblasting
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